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General Plumbing

Residential and commercial plumbing systems are similar, but they’re not the same. While a residential drain and sewer system handles 2–4 family members, a commercial plumbing system will have to deal with hundreds, and perhaps even more than that. That requires commercial–grade equipment, of course, but it also requires professional care.

That is why we offer commercial plumbing services such as water heater installations, maintenance and repair, drain and sewer cleanings, and general plumbing repairs from broken-down appliances to unpredictable leaks. When your business needs plumbing assistance, we are there.

Commercial Backflow Prevention

Backflow occurs when the direction of water flow in a given setup is reversed, causing wastewater to return to the pipes. In commercial settings, a situation like this could be a significant setback. It is crucial to have preventative maintenance in place, as well as frequent tests to ensure everything is operating accordingly. 

The Benefits of Backflow Prevention:

Protection Of Drinking Water Quality

Backflow prevention devices, such as backflow preventers and check valves, help maintain the purity of drinking water by preventing contamination.

Compliance with Regulations

Many municipalities and water authorities require the installation of backflow prevention devices in specific situations, such as commercial and industrial facilities, to comply with local plumbing codes and regulations.

Public Health and Safety

Contaminated water can carry harmful substances and pathogens that pose health risks if ingested. By preventing backflow, these potential hazards are kept out of the public water supply, reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses and ensuring safe drinking water for communities.

Preserving Water Infrastructure

Contamination incidents resulting from backflow can damage water infrastructure, including pipes, valves, and pumps. Preventing backflow helps preserve the integrity and functionality of the water distribution system.

Insurance Premium Reduction

Some insurance companies offer reduced premiums to businesses and facilities that have implemented proper backflow prevention measures. Demonstrating a commitment to protecting the water supply can be valuable when negotiating insurance rates.

Commercial Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting can completely remove waste clinging to the walls of the drain pipe without using corrosive agents or other damaging materials. The pressure of the water can be too much for certain pipes to handle, which is why you need to consult with a Lutz Plumbing professional about this technique. However, the vast majority of the time, hydro-jetting is the perfect solution for homes and businesses alike.

Commercial Water Heaters

A water heater is essential in any type of business, and whether you need repairs or a replacement, get it done by master plumbers. Your water heater should match the size of your budget, and we offer both tank and tankless water heater options to ensure it also matches your budget!

The tank water heater is the conventional system for most homeowners and businesses. It’s a large cylindrical tank that stores gallons upon gallons of hot water. It’s heated by natural gas, propane, or electricity.

The tankless water heater is a much different system, but it’s not less effective, provided that your setup matches your hot water requirements. Without a tank, this system can operate much more efficiently because it avoids what’s called standby energy loss. for this reason, a tankless water heater can be a great solution for commercial spaces.

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