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Drain Cleaning & Unclogging

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You probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the drains in your home. That’s perfectly fine; not many people do. However, that doesn’t mean that your drains never need attention or professional help. Drains are very vulnerable to certain problems, most notably clogs, that require professional solutions. If you have clogged or eroded drains, getting them fixed sooner rather than later can prevent further issues. To ensure your drains last as long as possible, contact the professionals.


A newer form of drain cleaning technology is Hydro-Jetting, also known as hydro flushing. As the name suggests, this cleaning process involves firing a high-pressure stream of water down your drain pipe to get rid of any clogs or waste buildup. A hose is inserted into the drain pipe, with an omnidirectional sprayer head at the end of it. Then, the water is turned on full blast, and all waste is scoured from the drain pipe walls. Hydro-jetting has quickly become an effective way to remove waste from residential and commercial drains, and it is one of our many ways of ensuring your drains stay clean.

Video Pipe Inspection

The majority of the average plumbing system is hidden from view, and most plumbing issues don’t display warning signs until they’re very well-developed. This means you might not know how to fix the issue, or you might not even know there is an issue until it is too late. That is why we offer video pipe inspections! This process involves lowering a long cord into your plumbing system, with a camera attached to the end of it. The camera moves through your plumbing on motorized wheels, sending images back to the plumber controlling it. By doing this, we can identify problems that need to be fixed and their location without having to actually dig up the pipe to examine it. This allows us to see issues as small as a pinhole leak! Don’t let your drains go unchecked. Call Lutz Plumbing to maintain, clean, and prevent further issues.
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